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My name is Peter Douglas Atherton. Subsequent to completing my studies successfully at Westminster University in London and my move to Germany's Ruhr Valley, I have been working as a lecturer and coach in the field of education for over 10 years.

As I have been keenly interested in effective psychological methods and am open-minded, several people people I work and associate with have found advice, relief in business and social facilitation over the years.

Creating an individual coaching concept instead of one ‘off the peg’ in the course of my numerous coaching projects has established and assured my clients' long-term business and personal success. It has become apparent that it is much more beneficial for clients with regard to their final results and satisfaction to initially determine possible causes of problems based on specific human attributes. Failing to do this rarely leads to long-term success on a permanent basis. Immediately after getting to know each other briefly, it is not advisable for a coach to treat a problem's symptoms straight away on a superficial quick-fix basis, but to initially analyze and clarify the underlying causes of the issues and obstacles being presented and then to thoroughly understand and communicate them with a high degree of empathy and authenticity.

Over the course of time, my professional success has prompted me to extend my repertoire of consultancy tools and to further my own education, for example in strengths-oriented coaching and clarification-oriented coaching, in a systematic and structured way in order to fulfill the needs and requirements of an increasing number of people and companies.

Corporate consultancy, business coaching and change management in the context of vocational development, as well as private coaching, counseling and life coaching in the context of personal development (self-management and techniques for self-reflection) belong to my program of further education.

First and foremost, coaching means for me an encounter with my clients holistically on an equal footing. I see the person I coach as a partner who is the expert for his or her situation. My main working aim is to help people to help themselves so they can continue to develop. It is highly satisfying for me to subsequently see such clients as more successful, happier and more contented people. This is quantifiable where appropriate.

What is the difference between me and many other coaches?

I enjoy seeing people feel and behave like contented winners when I coach them.

After we have talked about your issues without obligation, I will find the actual cause of the psychological stress from a few possible causes by means of analysis, clarification, identification of obstacles and, where appropriate, by psychological tests. I will show you the results before we work out a well-founded coping and interactive strategy together. That is different!

On request, I can support you in accessing by far the greater part of your latent potential and show you how to tap it more effectively. That is different!

I can coach you in the areas of rhetoric, presentation and self-confident appearance, social skills (soft skills), burnout prophylaxis, management skills, leadership coaching, emotional intelligence, health coaching (psychosomatic coaching), sales coaching, conflict management, business coaching and youth coaching (finding and applying personal strengths) holisticaly. That is different!

As I work internationally as a bilingual native speaker, we can communicate equally well in English or German. That is different!

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Where does your coaching take place?

These specialist areas also apply to online coaching by e-mail, via Skype and telephone coaching. Alternatively, you can either be coached in our quiet premises in Essen, Germany or I can come to you anywhere in the world. That is different!

Discretion and confidentiality

Of course, as your discussion partner and possibly your subsequent coach, I have committed myself to maintaining absolute discretion and confidentiality with regard to all the contents of our conversations and discussions.

If you are demanding,
if you are critical,
if you are skeptical,
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