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Business Coaching

Would you like your company to become the new market leader?

What is the present market leader's secret?

Primarily, the exemplary soft skills their staff and management show.

Secondarily the decision makers!


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What can you expect from our business coaching?

Initially, we advise the decision-makers on our coaching concepts. Following the analysis and clarification phase with selected members of staff and their managers, where their core motives (the internal company situation that brought you to us) have been found, we work out a coping and interactive strategy together. Their partially latent resources are then activated so we can reach the agreed goals. Candidates existing individual schemata (a structured cluster of knowledge and beliefs, together with the assumptions and attitudes resulting from them), causing the undesirable interactivity (‘disturbances’) within the company, can then be modified and the disturbances partially or completely removed so all those concerned can work together more effectively and profitably in future. In this way, the selected candidates can achieve a minor up to a major improvement in their soft skills and gain valuable knowledge of coping strategies relevant to the specified objectives.

Why should we have our staff and managers coached?

There are numerous motives and reasons as to why quite normal and often highly performance-oriented people in business who are willing to develop their strengths and personal skills have their own business coach. This has nothing to do with any kind of 'human inadequacy', but on the contrary with emotional intelligence that motivates business people to keenly accept a perhaps unique opportunity to grow personally.

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It is often the psychological stress in one or several working areas that motivates company decision-makers to start looking for a suitable coach for their staff or managers.

Leadership skills belong to the most important soft skills managers require and include the ability to integrate themselves and others into the working process. A manager should above all be able to accept new employees in a group well so they can feel at ease on a permanent basis and communicate common goals and values effectively. This frequently does not exist to an adequate extent and a suitable coach can remedy such situations. Starting with acquiring the necessary social skills (soft skills) in the company, over getting rid of uncertainties, conflicts, doubt and irritation, through to solving complex interactive problems in certain interpersonal business areas - we can offer you suitable solutions.

What benefits do you have from our in-house coaching?

Participants can improve a whole series of selected soft skills especially tailored to your business needs and their present relationship structures.

They can get to know several skillful communication techniques they can apply to several business relationships with others, and in so doing making the company long term more effective and profitable.

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Here are some of the most frequent reasons why more and more HR managers and CEOs now have a rising number of employees as well as their managers coached in a business context:

Teamwork is easy to learn. Distinct team players adapt themselves well to individual team members and also involve the experience of their colleagues at work. They also differ from other team members in that they readily pass on their experience and know-how to others. Only those who do not keep their knowledge to themselves can develop common goals in a team. Those who reflect on their own behavior and ask themselves in what teams they were particularly successful and in which ones less so, may discover the reasons why. In this way, they can make sure that unfavorable constellations will no longer occur in future teams.

What is our approach to the coaching process?

In the course of our initial contact without obligation we focus on getting to know each other, on answering your questions and clarifying the following points:

Personality Tests and Strengths Analyses

We have several personality tests and strengths analyses we use, depending on the coaching concept required. They can help you, for example, to select the right job applicants more effectively or to optimize the strengths of individual team players in team constellations.

Can you provide us with assistance when we need several coaches at the same time?

We can provide you with numerous highly qualified coaches and supervisors with vocational-specific or company-specific special skills to cover your requirements.

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How good can our staff and their managers get?

If your decision-makers are determined to do so, much better than anyone ever thought possible!


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