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Private Coachings

What can you expect from my private coaching?

I enjoy seeing people feel and behave like contented winners when I coach them. It is not without reason that most celebrities and other rapidly developing high performers have their own coaches. Why should they have to be satisfied with a lower quality of life and continue to suffer unnecessary psychological stress when the smarter alternative of having their own coach not only has a liberating effect on them but also gives them a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction at the same time?

Why should you get a private coach?
There are numerous motives and reasons as to why quite normal and often highly performance-oriented people who want to develop their strengths and personal skills have their own coach. This has nothing to do with any kind of ‘human inadequacy’, but on the contrary with emotional intelligence that motivates people to keenly take this unique opportunity to grow personally.

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It is often the psychological stress in one or several areas of life that motivates someone to start looking for a suitable coach. Starting with improving one's social skills (so-called soft skills) in our private lives, over getting rid of uncertainties, conflicts, doubt and irritation, through to solving complex interactive problems in some of the interpersonal areas of life - we can offer you suitable coaching solutions.


What benefits do you get when I coach you?
You can improve a whole series of selected soft skills especially tailored to your own needs and present relationships. You can get to know several skillful communication techniques that you can apply to several situations in your relationships with others, and in so doing making yourself long term a happier person.

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Here are some of the most frequent reasons why an increasing number of people from all walks of life now have their own private coach:

People often talk to each other, but fail to understand each other properly. This is usually because they do not really listen to each other. The ability to listen properly and to socialize effectively are valuable character traits that can be trained in a coaching process.

What is your approach to the coaching process?

In the course of our initial contact without obligation we focus on getting to know each other, on answering your questions and clarifying the following points:

Following the analysis and clarification phase, when your core motive (the psychological situation or stress that brought you to me) has been found, your latent resources will be activated and we can work together on the agreed goals. In this way, you should be able to achieve a minor up to a major improvement in your soft skills and knowledge of coping strategies relevant to your specified goals in the desired areas. This will let you simply get more out of life.

Personality Tests and Strengths Analyses
We have several personality tests and strengths analyses we use, depending on the coaching concept required. These tests and analyses can help you, for example, to make a wise career change or to change your employer more effectively.

How good can I get?

If you really want to, much better than you ever thought possible!



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